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This is a phasing direct conversion TRX for 80m CW. The original design is due to Leon Williams VK2DOB. Alex OM3TY slightly modified the original design and designed PCB artwork. Schematic diagram was scanned by Milan OK1IF from the OK-QRP magazine OQI.

Figure 1 - Schematic diagram - VFO and TX

Figure 2 - Schematic diagram - RX

Figure 3 - Schematic diagram - RIT

Figure 1 - Top view of the transceiver in the CDROM drive case

Figure 2 - Front view

The meaning of the control is as follows from the left to the right: RF Attenuator, RIT, Tune, AF Volume. The first switch on the left is audio tick on 1KHz boundary, second switch is RIT off, the button is CW announciator.

Figure 3 - Rear view

Figure 4 - Inside