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I have listed all of my project, which are worth of it. Some of them are pretty old (When I was at high school and had computer only in the lab). Those with an asterisk are considered fairly usable. The rest is in alpha stage. Even though it is alpha and I often do not continue to work on it, a lot of work is put into those pieces of software and I would be very happy if someone else will finish it.

All the code on this page is released under GNU GPL licence.


* dancall.tar.gz Application and kernel driver for sending and receiving SMS over an old GSM mobile phone Dancall.
rds.tar.gz Application and kernel driver for receiving a rds paging in Czech Republic. This is at very alpha stage. Note (in Czech language)


* narozky.tar.gz Birthday and name-day reminder. I wrote it because I allways fergot others' birthday. The program is very simple and fast, so it could be run at login even on i386 box. Note (in Czech language).

HAM radio

axw3.tar.gz AX25 http proxy. It is able to run multiple requests / responses over one ax25 channel. It uses zlib for compression. It is even feasible to browse web on 1200bd radio channel while downloading only text. This program is alpha.
elbug.tar.gz Connect a squeeze morse paddle to a serial port of your linux box. This program is alpha.
* iakic-0.1.tar.gz iakic is a project of connecting voice over ip to ham transciever. It uses speakfreely . This version used only simple ptt circuit on parallel port and dtmf decorder chip on the same port. This kit is fairly usable.
* iakic-0.2.tar.gz This version utilizes a special hardware to controll a transceiver. This hardware is connected to the serial port. A simple voice box is included. This version is currently used on ok0pi voice repeater.
* icq7com-0.8.tar.gz Software for syncing of ic-q7 mini handheld. It uses a text configuration file. There is a source for linux and dos.
* icq7com-dos-0.8.zip Dos binaries of icq7com package.
* invert-0.3.tar.gz Sound spectrum invertor. This method is often used for scrambling of voice on radio frequencies. It uses fftw package for FFT algorithm.
* invert-mswin-binary-0.3.zip Sound spectrum invertor -- windows binary.
* pbbs.tar.gz Simple mailbox for flexnet AX25 router. This is a dos compiled distribution. I have lost the sources, so this program is no more maintained. Sorry.
* qslcard.tex.gz TeX macro for typesetting of QSL cards. It produces simple, but clean QSL layouts.

Old DOS tools written in Pascal

* telephone-card-reader.tar.gz Card reader for prepaid chip phone cards. Those cards are used in Europe. It does download of card data and shows it in hexa / ascii / binary form. It is written in TurboVision.
* toolbar-mswin.tar.gz Launching toolbar for MS Windows. I used it instead of user-unfriendly program manager in Windows 3.11.
* wav-player.tar.gz Player of microsoft wav files over PC speaker for DOS. It is written in assembler. It is a good demonstration how PCM works.

Projects at school

I wrote those projects when I studied at Czech Technical university, Prague. Those projects are probably good only for another students of CTU, who could get inspiration from my work. Get it here